Sabtu, 30 Mei 2009

genteng aspal

Genteng asphalt are not new to the house roof. Characteristics, leaf shape, light weight, and the actual primary material made of asphalt. Tile roof of this house be an alternative, other than the clay tile, concrete, and metal.Ada two types of asphalt tile profile in the market. First, the wave profile of organic fibers, resin, and mineral aditif. This tile rest directly on the gording, without reng, and use the screw or fastener paku.Kedua, asphalt tile have a certain level. Matrix material consisting of fiberglass fibers and sand grain-like rocks that have been berglazur. Tile on this board multipleks object. Pengikatnya using the screw. Although different matrix materials, asphalt tile can respond to heat, and noise from the water hujan.Bagaimana asphalt tile repair if any damage? If the tile is very regular making, asphalt tile is easy. Ease of use of materials and equipment, as well as the installation can be done alone. Self ditempel, pressed and dipaku. Wrong!

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